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Citra Emulator App bed6a4f12 (nodpi) (Android 8.0+)

By Citra Emulator

Beta 15:
- Implements a GPU shader cache, which improves performance and reduces framerate "stuttering".
- Fixes various GPU related crashes.
- Merges latest fixes & improvements from upstream Citra.
Citra is an emulator for Android, enabling you to play your favorite games on your phone! Features include:

- Compatibility with hundreds of games
- Enhanced graphics, such as resolution scaling and texture filtering (these optional features work best on high-end devices)
- Support for external gamepads
- Support for various built-in features, such as the camera, microphone, and motion controls

Citra Premium
- Citra offers a Premium in-app purchase that will unlock some cosmetic features, including the Dark theme and additional texture filtering options
- Please consider upgrading, as our developers spend hundreds of hours of their free time contributing to the project.

The Citra app does not include any games, or copyrighted system files. You are legally required to dump your games to use with Citra. The Citra app is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any company that manufactures portable gaming consoles.

The Citra app is licensed by the GNU GPL v2, and the full source code is available on GitHub at

If you have any questions, please reference our FAQ:
If you need assistance with the app, feel free to join our Discord server for support:
Package: org.citra.citra_emu
Version: bed6a4f12 (16882357)
Screen Density: nodpi
CPU Architecture: arm64-v8a
Uploaded: May 16, 2021 at 3:31 pm UTC
File Size: 30.23 MB (31699858 bytes)
Minimum: Android 8.0+ (Oreo - API 26)
Target: Android 10 (Q - API 29)
MD5: f1d0938db395ab3f5eb44c1f34ceb3b9
Downloads: 332
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