SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool 4.3.0 beta (Android 4.1+)

By darken

SD Maid [v4.3.0] - 02.09.2016 (BETA)


Added: Adaptive support for different (core-utils providing) binaries, currently "toybox" and "busybox".
Added: Added support for location "/oem" (#441 Ty randomname1234).
Added: Option to toggle animations (currently only coffee drinking).
Added: If SD Maid is running in the background but requires setup via user action, operations are canceled and a notification is displayed (#435 Ty sjoshua270).
Added: SD Maids file forensics can now get clutter markers from dynamic sources. This means that in addition to static sources (i.e. a database with entries), there are now dynamic sources that can generate clutter markers without explicitly knowing an app.
Added: Dynamic clutter sources for .UTSystemConfig and .EveryplayCache.
Improved: Accuracy of size calculation when deleting files of which some failed to be deleted (or don't exist anymore).
Improved: Clutter database (dozen of new entries).
Improved: Clutter database format to better cover multiple apps with the same clutter.
Improved: Updated all of SD Maids dependencies and libraries.
Improved: Instead of tapping out with a "busybox error", SD Maid will now relinquish root access if the current toybox/busybox setup is not root compatible (#442).
Improved: Both busybox and toybox can be used by SD Maid and both types of binaries will be tried as fallback solution (#452).
Improved: Reduced SD Maids resource (RAM/CPU) consumption by reducing the amount of shells that are kept open. Reading files now shares a shell with all other operations (delete, move, copy etc).
Improved: Operation results (ok, skipped, failed) now only show values that are non zero.
Improved: Speed of file object creation, some calls be done in a more effective order and a few memory optimizations weren't effective.
Improved: File forensics performance, less information is (i.e. App name) is requested during research and deferred to be gathered when it is actually needed.
Improved: Reduced memory use by reducing the footprint of the clutter matching (simpler objects).
Improved: Ownership detection. In some cases SD Maid will now match "fixed paths" -> "variable packagenames", previousy we could only match "fixed package names" -> "variable pathes". Example: Match "/sdcard/.strawberry/eu.thedarken.sdm" without specifically having a database entry for "eu.thedarken.sdm").
Improved: Busybox error screen shows more device infos and a better explanation.
Improved: Logging. Reduced logging in production builds and adjusted logging priorities to be more useful (verbose vs debug).
Fixed: Task results not showing correct amount of failed deletions.
Fixed: "Double tap to exit" toast not being correctly themed (#438 Ty TWiStErRob).
Fixed: Shell data not being disregarded directly if data is streamed instead of buffered. This should reduce peak memory consumption during scan for SystemCleaner, Duplicates, Biggest and Databases.
Fixed: Commands failing that use remounting on Android 6.0+. Multiple mount commands were used to guarantee reliable execution on different devices, but on some the toybox binary segfault. This would cause any command using remounting to end up with a segfault (139) errorcode. SD Maid now checks if the toybox binary segfaults during setup.
Fixed: A racecondition where the FAB become visible when SD Maid started executing a task triggered from list multiselection.
Fixed: Shell operation (move/create) failing if the the target path was a symlink pointing to a read-only partition with a different path (e.g. /vendor -> /system/vendor).
Fixed: Random crashes related to inflating the menu in each tools toolbar, possibly related to devices with hardware menu-buttons.
Fixed: Crash related to a race-condition between UI input (e.g. clicks) and UI state.
Fixed: Crash if SD Maid could not find any locations of type SDCARD but tried use the data to build sub-locations such as PUBLIC_DATA.
Changed: Instead of file length, "size on filesystem" is now used to calculate the amount of space freed by a deletion. You will notice that with the exception of sparse-files, deletion will show slightly (blocksize) increased amounts of freed space, especially when deleting lots of small files.
Changed: SD Maid now ships with toybox instead of busybox (leaner and fixes #451).
Changed: Log files are now stored in SD Maids cache instead of files folder (i.e. /sdcard/Android/data/eu.thedarken.sdm/cache/logfiles).
Changed: If root access is available, SD Maid will skip asking for storage access via the storage-access-framework (SAF).

Fixed: Database tool still requiring confirmation despite single-pass option activated.

Added: If SD Maid relinquihes root access to avoid a busybox/toybox error the root state will display this (#442).
Changed: Refresh no longer reloads the storage manager, it is now only refreshed once per session.

Added: Option to place a shortcut on your home screen which open the explorer and refreshes it (#187).
Added: Octal permission display when changing permissions.
Added: Reporting option via context menu if you have experimental mode enabled.
Added: Support for extracting ZIP (zip/apk etc, anything zip based) files (#198).
Added: Details dialog, currently a bit rough, will be expanded later on.
Added: Files now show both blocksize (size file actually occupies) and file length (size file says it is), if this value differs. The format is size on storage (file length).
Fixed: Pathbar at the top not updating correctly when switching to the Explorer from a different tool, directly loading that path (#439).
Fixed: Creating dirs/files not updating directory content correctly without extra refresh.
Fixed: Directory content not updating correctly after deletion.
Fixed: Paste action causing change to parent directory.
Fixed: Trying to remount a source as rw if we are only copying files.
Fixed: When trying to create a file the operation could return an error even if it was successful.
Changed: Don't popup a snackbar for every path change.

Added: Options find files based on minimum and maximum modification date. Using these options automatically causes results to be sorted by date.

Added: Right-side drawer with additional information and filtering options (#406).
Improved: Tags for filtering (e.g. frozen apps) are no longer a search string and can be used in addition to manual search input (i.e. search in all frozen apps).
Improved: SD Maid will check more locations now to find all items that belong to an app, this was previously limited to specific locations such as data/dalvik etc. but now covers all locations SD Maid knows.
Improved: Files and sizes belonging to each app (estate) can now be determined on-demand.
Improved: Speed when determining files owned by an app (estate).
Changed: By default app files and sizes are not researched during list generation, except if the sort-mode is SIZE or the option to do the research in advance is turned on in the settings.
Fixed: Corruption of exported APKs (#451).

Improved: SDcard filter scan speed. Changes to clutter information allow us to better determine when we have to search deeper and when reading the top level item is sufficient.
Improved: Reporting tool is now more comfortable and allows adding more information.
Changed: Reports are now posted via GitHub, which requires a free GitHub account. People that want to contribute can now do so in higher quality and get recognition for their contributions. People who kept spamming me via the old report tool with weird stories can now try again and then be banned from SD Maids GitHub repository.

Added: Tracking to determine how often UserFilter are actually used.
Added: .chartboost and adhub to advertisement filter.
Added: Help link to SD Maids wiki (#298 Ty Trasd).
Improved: Some people create placeholders for __chartboost and .chartboost to block them from being created, these will no longer be removed.
Fixed: UserFilter creation was possible without the pro version.
Fixed: Size calculation for AdvertisementFilter items, should now also show children of matched directories (#471 Ty Solomon1732).

Added: File previews if you have SD Maid Pro.
Added: Support for locations requiring root access (#129).
Added: "Device view" (#467). The tool starts out with a "device view" showing all available storages the tool can show. Changing any settings is no longer necessary.
Improved: Refresh behavior. Previously a refresh caused the whole cached file-tree to be reloaded. Now we can just refresh subnodes of the cached file-tree.
Changed: Made list items more compact (#346).
Changed: The tool has been renamed to "Storage analyzer".
Removed: Settings page (no longer necessary).

Removed: This tools functionality has been merged into the searcher tool.

SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and tidy!
It offers a collection of tools to manage applications and files.

Nobody is perfect and Android neither.
Apps you have already removed leave something behind.
Logs, crash reports and other files you don't really want are constantly being created.
Your storage is collecting files and directories you don't recognize.
Let’s not go on here... Let SD Maid help you!

Among SD Maids tools are:
* Explorer: A full-fledged file manager.
* Searcher: Helps you find files by name or content.
* AppControl: Allows you to manage installed user and system applications.
* CorpseFinder: Removes data belonging to already uninstalled applications.
* SystemCleaner: Removes known unwanted files. You can adjust results by choosing different filters or creating your own.
* Biggest: Gives you an overview where you storage is being used up.
* Databases: Improves database size and performance.
* LastModified: Can show you which files have been altered in a chosen time period.

Additional features can be enabled by purchasing SD Maid Pro.

SD Maid is very powerful; use it at your own risk.

Don’t hesitate to send me a mail if you have questions or concerns.

Obtaining SD Maid from unofficial sources puts your device at risk.
Package: eu.thedarken.sdm
Version: 4.3.0 (40300)
Screen Density: nodpi
Uploaded: September 3, 2016 at 5:10 pm UTC
File size: 5.32 MB (5581125 bytes)
Minimum: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean - API 16)
Target: Android 7.0 (Nougat - API 24)
MD5: 76e34ce7d5d91ea8c5080d96d7eddfa0
Downloads: 343
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