SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool 4.5.8 beta (Android 4.1+)

By darken

4.5 (250.5K
SD Maid [v4.5.8] 08.01.2017


Improved: Clutter database.
Improved: Updated android support libraries.
Improved: Import screen should now only show files with supported extensions.
Improved: Show error instead of crash when trying to import invalid files into exceptions.
Fixed: Update check delaying initialization when blocking internet access via firewall.

Improved: Files created by "Save directory structure" now contain ROM infos (#675).
Fixed: Copy/Move snackbar not consistently showing.

Improved: Receiver (boot) details. Previous colors were not very readable. Made some layout changes.

Changed: "TWRP" and "clockworkmod" have been flagged as common and will no longer be suggested as corpses (#673).

Fixed: /data/system/dropbox filter (Ty Roman).

Improved: Hidden cache filter (additional image and video cache matching).

Added: "Read only" to read-only storages (#676)
SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and tidy!
It offers a collection of tools to manage applications and files.

Nobody is perfect and Android neither.
Apps you have already removed leave something behind.
Logs, crash reports and other files you don't really want are constantly being created.
Your storage is collecting files and directories you don't recognize.
Let’s not go on here... Let SD Maid help you!

SD Maid allows you to:
• Browse your whole device and manipulate any file through a full-fledged (root) file manager.
• Remove superfluous files from your system.
• Manage all installed user and system apps.
• Detect files formerly belonging to uninstalled apps.
• Search for files by name, content or date.
• Obtain a detailed overview of your devices storage.
• Optimize databases by "vacuuming" them.
• Do actual app cleaning, by removing expendable files, which supersedes what others may call 'cache cleaning'.
• Detect duplicate pictures, music or documents, independent of name or location.
• Run all of these tools automatically on a schedule or by commencing them via widgets.

Still have questions? Just send me a mail.
Package: eu.thedarken.sdm
Version: 4.5.8 (40508)
Screen Density: nodpi
Supports: Android TV
Uploaded: January 9, 2017 at 2:05 pm UTC
File size: 5.54 MB (5813641 bytes)
Minimum: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean - API 16)
Target: Android 7.1 (Nougat - API 25)
MD5: 5121c724d8d026192e33c865d17e38de
Downloads: 90
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