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Lawnchair, bringing Pixel Features to the masses. An open-source project developed by volunteers, Lawnchair has quickly become the de-facto choice for Android enthusiasts everywhere. New features are being added regularly... with the promise that Lawnchair will always be FREE and open-source.

Download now, and become a part of the Android homescreen REVOLUTION that is Lawnchair!

 • Google Now integration (Requires the Lawnfeed add-on app)
 • Android Oreo shortcuts and notification dots
 • Icon Pack support
 • Variable Icon Size
 • Custom Grid Size
 • Dock Customization
 • Adaptive Icons (For Nougat & above)
 • BLUUUUUR (Optional Blurry UI for pretty much everything)
 • And much more!

For support, tag us on Twitter (@lawnchairapp), ask around in the Telegram Group (, or post your question in the G+ Community (

A few things to note:
Most importantly, it isn't guaranteed to work perfectly on Oreo. Second, no Pixel 2 features yet. Oreo support and Pixel 2 features will come later.

Additionally, it requires Lawnfeed to enable Google Now:
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