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Gmail 2021.05.30.383548179.Release (arm + arm64) (120-640dpi) (Android 6.0+)

By Google LLC

4.4 (7.2M
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly.

With the Gmail app you get:
• An organized inbox - Social and promotional messages are sorted into categories so you can read messages from friends and family first
• Less spam - Gmail blocks spam before it hits your inbox to keep your account safe and clutter free
• 15GB of free storage - You won’t need to delete messages to save space
• Multiple account support - Use both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP/POP email) right from the app

Gmail is also part of Google Workspace, allowing you and your team to easily connect, create, and collaborate. You can:
• Connect with coworkers via Google Meet or Google Chat, send an invite in Calendar, add an action to your task list, and more without leaving Gmail
• Use suggested actions — like Smart Reply, Smart Compose, grammar suggestions, and nudges — to help you stay on top of work and take care of simple tasks, so you can be more efficient with your time
• Stay safe. Our machine learning models block more than 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching our users

Learn more about Google Workspace:

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Version: 2021.05.30.383548179.Release (62696682)
Screen Density: 120, 160, 213, 240, 320, 480, 640dpi
CPU Architecture: arm64-v8a, armeabi_v7a
Uploaded: July 10, 2021 at 6:07 am UTC
File size: 41.21 MB (21879495 bytes)
Minimum: Android 6.0+ (Marshmallow - API 23)
Target: Android 11 (R - API 30)
MD5: 0739b523e6c48989b38499defab87726
Downloads: 131
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