Android Messages 2.0.768

By Google Inc.

Messenger has been completely redesigned to make conversations easier, faster, and more fun.
Here are a few of the new features:
• Simple design, quick photo sharing, and top contacts one tap away
• Enhanced features that let you send messages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when friends are typing, and more (some carriers only)
• Unread messages indicator on your Messenger’s home screen icon (some Android phones only)
• Android N compatibility
Stay in touch with friends and family. Messenger from Google is a communications app that helps you send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone. You can also send group texts as well as your favorite pictures, videos and even audio messages to your contacts.

Key features:

Faster sharing: Select or take pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts.
Easy search: Search through contacts and conversation threads to find exactly what you are looking for.
Purposeful design: New, fluid, material design that is intuitive and delightful.
More control: Ability to block SMS senders. No interruptions when you don’t want them!
More features: audio messages, emoji support 😃, stickers, location sharing, colored text threads, message archiving and more.

Messenger is supported on devices running Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean, and above.
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