- Added toggle widget
- Added option to add a shortcut that disables root BEFORE opening an app to the desktop
- Added lazy loading for those of you with hundreds of apps
- Removed Superuser check, should now work with SuperSU
- Added 17 new default enabled apps. If migrating from 1.0 you need to use "Re-add defaults" for this to work
- Added LastPass as a default ignore. If migrating from 1.0 you need to use "Re-add defaults" for this to work
AutoMagisk automatically disable Magisk root when certain apps, such as Android Pay or Pokemon Go are running to bypass SafetyNet
Note: You MUST have Magisk installed, with an unmodified system and Phh's Superuser. This is very important, AutoMagisk will NOT work otherwise.
Note: Using android pay to pay only works from the screen off with the option enabled in AutoMagisk's settings to disable root when the screen is off. If you try to pay with the screen already on from an app which does not have root disabled, AutoMagisk will NOT disable root in time and you will get rejected.
AutoMagisk has the following features:
- Disable Magisk root when an app is launched and re-enable it when an app that's not also set to disable is launched (usually when the app is closed again)
- Disable Magisk root when the screen is locked (optional, enable in the settings), to probably allow Android Pay to work from the screen being off
- Ignore certain apps: Say you have Pokemon Go set to disable root, and you open Facebook's chat heads, with Pokemon Go behind it. Root will not be disabled, but if you open Messenger without Go being open in the background, root will not be disabled
- Notification when root is disabled (can be turned off in the settings), as a reminder
How does it achieve this?
- An AccessibilityService to monitor app launch
- A background servicebroadcast receiver for the screen turning off (turning back on is handled when an app is launched)
Because it uses an AccessibilityService, you MUST enable it in settings. You will be prompted to do this when launching AutoMagisk.
Apps with root disabled by default:
Android Pay
Google Play Services
Pokemon Go
NatWest Offshore
Isle of Man Bank
Ulster Bank
Apps ignored by default:
Facebook Messenger
System UI
Package: com.quinny898.app.automagisk
Version: 1.1 (11)
Screen Density: nodpi
Uploaded: September 26, 2016 at 6:01 pm UTC
File Size: 3.09 MB (3235180 bytes)
Minimum: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop - API 21)
Target: Android 7.0 (Nougat - API 24)
MD5: 541f10e5e36a9501647d457b7c05b9aa
Downloads: 667
AutoMagisk 1.1
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Sep 26, 2016 at 6:01 pm
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AutoMagisk 1.1
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