Minecraft Earth 0.19.0

By Mojang

New Stuff!
- Challenge Season 3: "Adventure" is now available!
- Amazing new Epic Adventure Crystals are now available!
- Concrete and concrete powder are now available
- If you have empty Adventure Crystal slots, you can now tap the slot to find out how to obtain more crystals

New Mobs!
- Inky Sheep
- Harelequin Rabbit

Bug Fixes!
- Various bug fixes (definitely more than one)

The full list of patch notes can be found here: https://redsto.ne/earthclog
Discover a new dimension of Minecraft as you create, explore, and survive in the real world. Join a community of builders and explorers spanning the planet, collect resources for your builds, craft in augmented reality and then place them at life-size. You can even team up with others for mini-adventures!

• BUILD amazing creations in tabletop mode and place them in the real world at life size.
• COLLABORATE with other builders and create communal masterpieces together.
• EXPLORE a whole new side to your local neighborhood, and watch it evolve over time.
• DISCOVER unique mobs like the muddy pig and moobloom, and use them to populate your builds!


(This version has multiple APK variants.)
Minecraft Earth 0.19.0 (arm) (Android 8.0+)
57.53 MB
Jun 2, 2020 at 6:11 pm
Minecraft Earth 0.19.0 (arm64) (Android 8.0+)
61.54 MB
Jun 2, 2020 at 6:11 pm
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