– Thank you for your feedback! Videos will now play in full screen as normal, and you can freely switch between keyboard layouts to search for things in different languages.
– Let us know what you think of the latest Yandex Browser update by tapping “Contact us” in Settings.
Yandex Browser Lite – save space on your smartphone with simple and handy browser.

With Yandex Browser Lite you can:
- Browse quickly, and save on your phone’s battery power and storage.
- Find what sites you need or ask Yandex questions with the SmartBox search bar.
- Go to your most visited sites from visual bookmarks from your main screen’s Tableau.
- View a feed of stories, news, and videos based on your interests thanks to Yandex Zen technology.

Low on storage space on your smartphone?
- Easily clear the cache and cookies right in Settings.
- Store Yandex Browser Lite on either your memory card or your device.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us straight from the app (via Settings → Feedback).
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