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Google Analytics 4.10.615249210

By Google LLC

Category: Business
Report filters allow you to control what data is shown in yourreports. They can help you understand your data, find trends, and drill into the details you care about. For example, you can use a report filter to look at specific regions, app versions, and ad units. You can add multiple filters to further refine your analysis.
Google Analytics: Your Business Pulse, In Your Pocket

Never lose sight of your website and app performance with Google Analytics. Monitor key customer interactions directly from your phone, even when you're away from your desk.

• Customer Insights, Beyond the Desktop
Understand how people navigate your digital channels, wherever you are, whenever you need.
• Smarter Insights for Busy Days
Google's AI uncovers valuable patterns, helping you make informed marketing decisions on the go.
• Act on Insights, Anywhere
Optimize your campaigns with seamless integrations across Google's powerful advertising tools.
• Teamwork, Unbound
Analyze trends and share your discoveries with colleagues, effortlessly from your mobile device.

With this app, you can:
1) Check key metrics in built-in reports
2) Monitor real-time data
3) Compare date ranges and apply filters
4) Build your own reports with any combination of metrics and dimensions
5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you can easily come back to them
6) Discover interesting AI generated insights about your website or app data


(This version has multiple APK variants.)
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Google Analytics 4.10.615249210
Apr 3, 2024 at 8:21 am