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With our latest update to Call Screen on Pixel devices in the US, the Google Assistant now helps you automatically screen unknown callers and filter out detected robocalls before your phone ever rings. And when it’s not a robocall, your phone rings a few moments later with helpful context about who is calling and why.
Google’s official phone calling app is now available to download for the first time. Phone helps you easily connect with family and friends, block spam callers, and know who’s calling before you answer – all with a simple, intuitive design.

Powerful spam protection
See warnings about suspicious callers that help you avoid unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers and scammers. Block numbers to prevent them from calling you again.

Know who’s calling you
Google’s extensive caller ID coverage lets you know the business that’s calling so that you can answer with confidence.

Screen unknown callers
Call Screen answers unknown callers, filters out detected spammers without interrupting you, and helps you learn more about callers you don’t recognize before you pick up.

Visual voicemail
Check your messages without needing to call your voicemail – view and play them in any order, read transcriptions, and delete or save them right from the app.

Intuitive design
Our simple, lightweight design keeps your favorite people just a tap away. Plus, switch to dark mode to save battery and reduce eye strain at night.

Emergency support
See your current location when you make an emergency call, and share information about the assistance you require, along with your location, to the emergency operator without speaking.

Phone app is available on most Android devices running Android 7.0 and above.
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