Lawnchair Launcher v2

By deletescape

Attempt to fix jagged search bar edges (by Till Kottmann)
- Check sesame shortcut ids when querying shortcuts with ids (by Till Kottmann)
- Fix dock arrow always showing when dock is hidden (by paphonb)
- Fix dock settings dependency (by paphonb)
- Fix dock arrow position (by paphonb)
- Move page indicator to top of dock background (by paphonb)
- Detect more rounded squares as full-bleed-ish (by Till Kottmann)
- Update app icon (by paphonb)
- Tweak settings search layout to better match others (by paphonb)
- Correctly catch OWM api key error (by paphonb)
- Fix dock background height (by paphonb)
- Make English US the default language for consistency (by paphonb)
- Fix custom font not applied to shortcut bubbles (by paphonb)
- Fix grammar derps in my bio [skip ci] (by David Sn)
- Hooray, OWM library is licensed under MIT! (by David Sn)
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