In honour of International Women’s Day and empowering girls and women everywhere, here’s a Grab fact for you: Grab is committed to increasing the percentage of women in leadership to 40% by 2030 (up from today’s 34%). It’s no small feat, but gender equality is important to us.

At the same time, our women (and men!) Grab engineers are tasked to empower you by relentlessly chasing out those bugs - today, tomorrow, and always forever. Help them help you, won’t you? Update to v5.244 asap.
Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. We offer essential everyday services to over 670 million people across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. These essential services consist of Deliveries (food, groceries, packages), Mobility (4-wheel, 3-wheel, 2-wheel), Financial Services (lending, insurance, cashless payments and wealth management), Enterprise and Others. It’s our mission to drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone in the region.

Food delivery for any craving
GrabFood: Order from your favourite restaurant and get meals delivered to your doorstep

Wide range and convenient grocery delivery
GrabMart: Wide variety of groceries and handpicked fresh produce delivered from store to door within an hour or at a scheduled time

Book a ride for any occasion and budget
Choose from a variety of transport modes, from motorbikes to cars to even buses

Secure and seamless cashless payments
GrabPay: A safe and secure mobile wallet where you can easily pay for Grab services and at local merchants

Reliable on-demand package delivery
GrabExpress: Affordable, fast, and reliable courier service with insurance for your items

Rewards for using Grab
GrabRewards: Earn reward points for every dollar you spend and use them to redeem deals in the GrabRewards catalogue

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