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Welcome to the HERE WeGo Beta!

This is the first preview of a refresh of the HERE WeGo navigation app – happy to have you here!

We want to know all your thoughts on HERE WeGo during our beta: positives, negatives, and bugs. With your honest feedback, we can make your experience better! Watch for continued changes to the app as we make tweaks, add features, and explore together what works best!

And what's new about HERE WeGo?

We come with a fresh, new design. Taking all your feedback seriously, we've rethought every pixel (and we have many) and aimed to make navigation using HERE WeGo much lighter and simpler.

Want to take a short break in your favorite café? A spontaneous nap at the park? You can now easily add waypoints to your routes. Just add places to your current route and HERE WeGo guides you there.

Visit certain places often? Save them in a collection for quick access and organization.

Moving around your city with public transport? The new app supports not only urban lines, but also inter-city and even inter-country connections.

Not sure where you parked your car? Don't worry! Save the location of your car and you never have to remember where you left it again.

Need to refuel your car? You will find every petrol station in the country, and real-time prices available in certain countries. Driving an EV instead? Great – we really support that! Just select "electric" in settings, and we make sure you get new energy when you need it.

And what's next?

More features, of course!
- Offline navigation will return, so you can download maps to save data and stay on course even without a cell connection.
- We will add more ways to get around, such as bike and car-sharing
- We'll even add parking services in the app
- And many more things!

Sounds great? Stay tuned! And please, give us your feedback here: [email protected]

We hope you will enjoy your journey with HERE WeGo!
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