? Fix: Year in progress update issue
? Added Calendar Support
? Added ScreenTime - Total ScreenTime & per App ScreenTime shown next to apps in apps list
? Now uses accessibility for double tap lock.
? Better notch & fullscreen support
?added a grayscale quick setting tile (requires root or adb)
? Fix: Items in list fade issue
? Added All new Weather Screen and Animated Weather Icons
? App now supports 37 language
Welcome to the Indistractable launcher ⭐️

Tired of the clutter?
Want to take a shot at being more focused?
Let’s help you on your goal to digital detox and live a life free from unwanted distraction! (++ let’s make the journey super cool!)

? Ideology:

✶Indistractable Launcher is inspired by The light phone.
✶Focus on what matters - only the core apps you really need
✶Keep it simple
✶Inspired by Atomic Habits by James Clear, Deep Work by Cal Newport and of course Indistractable by Nir Eyal

? Key features:

Minimalist design:
- app search bar

✅ Light, dark theme
✅ At a glance Screen Time
✅ At a glance Weather Widget & New Minimalist weather screen with animated icons
✅ Auto Switch between light/dark theme based on time of the day.
✅ Quick Access to Clock
✅ Quick Access to Calender
✅ Optional Battery percentage indicator.
✅ Custom Font Support.
✅ Hide apps.
✅ Rename apps.
✅ Inbuilt tasks - quickly access your tasks for the day.

-Just swipe left to See all of your apps

Coming up:

? Set your intention. We’ll make sure it happens.
? Batched notifications. Choose when you want to see them.
? Additional Shortcuts, widgets.
? Support for Folders, Custom sorting options.


Join our Indistractable Beta Tester group:
Follow us on Twitter: @indistract


Your data. Your privacy. We respect it. There is no unexpected fee, nor any advertisements. No data is collected.

? We’re still in beta. If you’d like to support this indie project, do give us a shout out!

Thank you so much for using Indistractable, please keep the feedback coming, the love is mutual ❤️

Tag us on Twitter on tell us what you’d do with the extra time that Indistractable will allow you to free up in your day :D (we’re at @indistract)
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