Lost Light - FPP Mode

By Netease Games

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Epic Update!
First Person Mode is added to the game. Fireflies can now enjoy an all-new game experience in the First-person View. The TPP mode will be back in January.
"S5 Companion is coming, bringing you all-new rewards like new Weapon Skins, Death Crate Skins, Actions, and more!
The Celebrate Christmas event is coming! Complete missions and collect Gingerbread Man to get awesome rewards such as Targeted Serum, Weapon Skins, Christmas exclusive Emotes, and more!
Join the "Firefly" task force and unveil the sinister plot behind the exclusion zone. Survive the brutal domain where humanity ceases to prevail and danger lurks in every corner!
The world of Lost Light abides by the rule of "high risk-high return." You could either sneak your way around and scavenge for supplies or go out with guns blazing and plunder like a warlord. Upgrading and trading are also essential to build up your strength and keep your enemies at bay Armed to the teeth or be a minimalist in the next mission? Each decision will affect your chances of survival in Lost Light. And that’s the way warfare is.

"Scavenge for resources and trade your way to a fortune.
Build your shelter and survive the post-apocalypse."

"Come out with guns blazing or go stealth? Armed to the teeth or keep a low profile?
Your tactics could mean life or death!But remember, if you die in combat, you lose everything—the loots are not yours until you make it out alive!"

"Realistic modifications and full customization offer thousands of possibilities.
You'll find the perfect firearm no matter your playstyle!"

Co-op with four friends, wreak havoc, return to safety, and bring home the loot!

Cross-Platform Play
PC gamers can now feel the exhilaration of battle. Players on mobile devices and PC will be able to chat with one another for a cross-platform gaming experience. Form parties across the different platforms to complete more challenges and achieve the impossible!
Download now and play for free — Experience the thrill TODAY!
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