OnePlus Notes

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The newly added features in Notes!
1. All new feature, Doodles!
Inspiration and doodles go hand in hand. Now access a variety of paintbrushes and colors and make your phone can a canvas for ideas.

2. To-do list
Easily arrange work and life errands to check them off one by one.

3. More text styles
New text style functions such as bold, italic, underline, center, and text size to make your content more layered.
Customize notes- Add text, pictures, lists, to-do items, etc.
Share notes- Share via text or pictures.
Sticky notes- Pin notes at the top.
Add reminders- set the date and time for a reminder in the note.
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OnePlus Notes 12.1.26
Dec 28, 2021 at 2:23 pm