War Place - RTS PvP Tower Defence Battler

By WarplaceInc

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Create an army, develop its tactics and strategy. Take part in battles, defeat enemies and defend fortifications. Welcome to the War Place! (rus.)

Choose a battle mode or go on an adventure through a new game world, passing level after level and pumping your combat skill. Take your side and take the place of the commander, create and assemble an army of unique combat units. Watch the course of the battle, to take decisions and lead your troops to victory! Expand your territory, build and defend your base, and don't give your opponents a chance. Show your strength in War Place!

- RELAXED AND NATIVE GAMEPLAY: mastered in the first seconds of the game.

- AUTOPLAY: mind your own business, and the army will fight for you.

- PLAYER-VS-PLAYER BATTLES: Fight with your friends to see who is better on the battlefield.

- A WORLD TO EXPLORE: 11 levels of game space are waiting for you.

- A LARGE SELECTION OF STRATEGY AND TACTICS OF THE BATTLE: not only attack, but also defend the base, deter the enemy and much more.
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