Migrate - custom ROM migration tool [3.0 GPE]

By BaltiApps

From 2.1 to 3.0
#. The app is rewritten in Kotlin
#. Many new preferences have been added.
#. Helper app is now available on Google Play.
#. Many fixes in recovery. Support for SAR and Android 10.
#. Added options for backup of app installer, font scale, adb state
#. Set max zip size in preferences.
#. Verification of zips after backup is complete.
#. Many more changes and improvements…

From 3.0 alpha to 3.0 release
#. Wifi backup is disabled until it becomes stable.
XDA thread:

Telegram: https://t.me/migrateApp

1. All apps
2. All app data
3. All app permissions
4. SMS messages
5. Call logs
6. Contacts
7. Screen DPI
8. Default keyboard option.
9. ADB state
10. Font scale
11. App installer

... and restore in your new ROM in a unique way.

First backup everything. Then flash your new ROM. Now (surprise) flash the backup zip file(s)! Yes, a part of the restoration process occurs via TWRP recovery. Make sure to root your new custom ROM with Magisk.

Once everything is flashed, boot up your new ROM. You'll get a notification to continue the restoration process. Grant root access and relax until everything is restored.

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