-Newly added Hero Class [Hela]
-Class Balance Adjustment
-GVG new season S2 is starting soon
-Refinement Experience Optimization
⚔️In the Battle of Ragnarok, the alliance of Gods and Giants fought against Demon King Morroc and the dragons. Although Morroc was defeated in the end, all these races suffered a lot. The God Odin went missing, Yimir, the Creator Giant, sacrificed himself to save the precarious Yggdrasil, and the dragons went into hiding in the dark area of the Nine Realms as the defeated. Humans, who were once a weak race, began to prosper in such an environment. In terms of both numbers and power, humans became the most dominant race in the post-Ragnarok era.

⏳As time passed, the trauma inflicted by Ragnarok began to heal, and survivors of Gods and Giants began to emerge. Even the dragons were sighted by a handful of humans. On the other hand, Demon King Morroc regained his power and began to covet the World of Yggdrasil again, which possessed enormous energy.

?The adventure of RO starts here.

==== Game Features ====
2.0 is now available. A new journey, a new adventure, and the Next Generation await your return.

▶A massive 3D world where adventurers can freely explore
Cities with different styles, wilderness and mazes with diverse and unique features, as well as danger-ridden instances, will always find ways to bring back your memories. Join forces with different characters to solve the countless mysteries of Midgards...

▶VFX that transcends tradition
The stunning art style, real-time rendering, and finely tweaked character animations are a treat for your eyes. Both sunlight and weather will change naturally over time, making every detail of the world lifelike.

▶Extensive and convenient class experience
All 60 original classes are available now, with 8 collaboration classes & 3 unique hero classes in continuous creation. Whether it is blocking damage, controlling enemies, or healing teammates, you can switch your role anytime and anywhere with one tap. Your adventure will be full of changes and surprises.

▶Unique and personalized outfits
You can choose from thousands of appearances and headwear to have a different outfit every single day. There are also plenty of Single and 2-man Mounts to fulfill your collector's dream. Each adventurer can dress up differently and have a fashion showdown with their friends.

▶Realistic social interaction
Convenient party voice chat and a variety of emojis and poses give you more options to communicate with other adventurers than just text. The Exchange and Auction House allow adventurers to buy and sell their loot. Sign a contract with your sweetheart, exchange wedding rings, and have a grand wedding ceremony while millions are watching.

▶The mightiest king of battle
Multi-mode casual and competitive PVP, GVG gameplay, clash of the mighty, reasonable composition with the strongest strategy, fight for glory together!

▶Cute pets can be caught all over the map
In your adventures, monsters are not only your enemies but also can be tamed to become your pet! Catch, feed, and fuse to improve your affinity with your pets and merge them into the rarest and most powerful pets.

▶Private homes with hand-picked everything
Furniture, ornaments, and collectibles can all be made by yourself. You can also renovate the garden and house layout, invite your friends to come over, serve them the finest cuisine, and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle outside of combat.

==== System Requirements ====
-Andorid 5.0 or later version
-Minimum Requirements: RAM 2GB
-Recommended:RAM 4GB

==== Contact Us ====
☄️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayRagnarokM
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