# 2.6.21
Jonas Kalderstam (2):
* [0d564b74] Fixed Settings preview
* [1090fcba] Tweaked Cache-Control headers to respect site headers even

Naxvog (1):
* [0dec77a1] Updated German translation using Weblate

Open Contribution (1):
* [84b03798] Updated Greek translation using Weblate

Pablo Wildson (1):
* [7e7febbf] Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation using Weblate

Paulius Šukys (1):
* [0c2c3a8b] Updated Lithuanian translation using Weblate

trunars (1):
* [b8eb2e
Feeder is an open source feed reader (RSS/Atom/JSONFeed) for Android created in 2014.

With Feeder you can read the latest news and posts from your favorite sites.

Feeder does NOT sync with usual remote backends so no account registration of any kind is necessary.

Feeder is free to use and runs locally on your device. Your data is 100% private.


- Parses HTML and displays it in a native TextView

- Offline reading

- Background synchronization

- Notifications

- OPML Import/Export

- Handy access to enclosure links

- Material design
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Feeder 2.6.21
Apr 3, 2024 at 9:24 am