В новой версии мы обновили дизайн баннеров с главными премьерами и добавили возможность узнать о кино больше - ставьте фильм на паузу и узнавайте интересные факты, заказывайте образ главных героев и изучайте места съёмок

В основных разделах ТВ-передачи получили новый облик вместе с уведомлениями

Улучшили стабильность просмотра, добавили возможность сообщить о проблеме с фильмом или серией сериала и исправили ошибки просмотра на устройствах Samsung
- 20 free TV channels. Over 300 TV-channels
- Movies, serials, cartoons and TV channels without advertising
- Application for smartphones, tablets, TVs and Apple TV
- Excellent picture and sound quality
- 4K, Full HD and SD quality
- Movies, series and cartoons online and offline
- Live and recorded TV channels, TV shows and TV shows

- All screens are combined with a single account. Pause on one device and continue browsing from the same place on another.
- Buy and download movies and shows forever or on a monthly subscription with access from all devices at no additional charge
Watch everything interesting on any screen when you're comfortable.

- Sports, children's, news, educational, historical, entertaining, about fishing and cars
- Online, live and recorded - archive until 72 hours.
- A collection of channels in 4K and Full HD quality
- Free period for subscriptions with TV channels, movies and TV series

The video library is constantly updated. There's always something to see:
- Exclusive premieres - films and serials translated by the Goblin, novelties by Fyodor Bondarchuk, films and serials by Kurazh Bambay
- Rental novelties
- Oscar nominees, best Hollywood movies.
- Russian films and serials on a subscription more.tv + START
- Cartoons for children and adults
- Movies by the world's leading studios
- Thematic selection of films and series
- Subscribe on video Amediateka

- Special children's section
- Already created a children's profile for children of all ages.
- Cartoons from favorite studios
- Children's TV Channels Collection

We wish you a pleasant viewing!

Please send your wishes and questions about the application to [email protected].

Payment terms:
- Payment for subscriptions from your Google Play account occurs at the time of purchase with automatic renewal every 30 days.
- If you cancel your subscription, the auto-list will automatically turn off.
- You will be charged and auto-renewed within 24 hours immediately before the end of your subscription.
- You can manage your subscriptions in your Google Play account settings on mobile devices.
The User Agreement and Privacy Policy is available at https://wink.rt.ru/offer.
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