View and edit Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
You can now monitor the performance and make changes to your Dynamic Search Ad Campaigns. Adjust budgets, pause or enable campaigns, and change bid settings of your ad groups all from within the app.
Bing Ads helps you stay on top of your advertising campaigns while you're on the go. Keep your finger on the pulse of your accounts all from your smartphone or tablet.

• Monitor your favorite campaigns and get performance data on the go
• Quickly make changes to update your status, budgets and bids
• Get notified to know when your automatic rules have ran or credit cards are about to expire
• Visualize how your account or ads are performing and compare metrics side by side
• Get in touch with Bing Ads support whenever you need help
Recent Versions
Bing Ads 2.11.1
Jan 12, 2018 at 5:09 pm