NEW: Support multiple Island spaces in app UI. (Manual setup is still required)
NEW: "Dynamic Shortcut Label" for app launch shortcut. Island Watcher now works on Android 10+, only if Mainland is managed.
NEW: Support cross-profile calendar (for apps supporting this Android feature)
Fixed the Island permission request procedure, initiated by 3rd-party app.
On the Island, you can:

* Isolate app, for privacy protection.
* Clone app, for parallel running.
* Freeze app, to completely block its background behaviors.
* Hide app, for various reasons.
* Use VPN only on one side, or different VPN on both sides.

To uninstall and remove Island completely, please first "Destroy Island" in "Settings - Scoped Settings - Island". If you have already uninstalled the Island app, please "Remove work profile" in your device "Settings - Accounts".

===== PERMISSIONS =====

DEVICE-ADMIN: Device administrator privilege is required to create the Island space (work profile), which serves as the fundamental functionality of Island. It will be explicitly requested for your consent.

PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: Required to correctly recognize the running state of apps. It will be explicitly requested for your consent.

We will never collect data related to your privacy, please read our privacy policy for more details.
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Feb 11, 2021 at 5:05 pm
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