- Supports fast and optimal UI.
- Fixed an error when connecting external codec.
▶ Perfect video player : KMPlayer of PC version is world best video and music player in the world. The number of download is 800,000,000 from all countries during last decade. Now, KMPlayer App of Android version is ready to meet the KMPlayer's fan again. Please try to install now~ You can feel that KMPlayer app is perfect player ever.

▶ Advantage of Our video player : KMPlayer removes annoying top / bottom banner ads, and provides a stylish design with swipe. Supports ‘Speed Control’ and ‘subtitle setting’ function. ‘Section Repeat’ is supported for language learning. ‘Mirror mode play’ required to learn dance or movement motion is supported. ‘Pop-up mode’ allows you to watch movies while you are on SNS.

▶ HD video player and 4K, UHD, video player : For any video format, KM player can play HD, 4HD and 1080P perfectly and clearly.

▶ Support “Google Cloud” video player and “Network play” : In any form of video, KM player plays perfectly and clearly in HD, 4HD and 1080P.

▶ Main Functions
∎ [All format video] Supports all video file formats. (AVI, divx, MP3, WAV, AAC, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLAC, 3GP, M4V, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV etc)

∎ [All Subtitles] Supports all subtitle file formats. . (DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks / SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling/SAMI(.smi) with ruby tag support / SubRip(.srt) / MicroDVD(.sub/.txt) / VobSub(.sub/.idx) / SubViewer2.0(.sub) / MPL2(.mpl/.txt) / TMPlayer(.txt) / Teletext / PJS(.pjs) / WebVTT(.vtt))

∎ [High Quality Video Support] HD, 4K, UHD, Full HD video quality playback smoothly. (Except for low-quality smartphones)

∎ [External storage Support] When you connect an external storage device such as an SD card, all images and music files are automatically displayed.

∎ [Network Play] With Network Play, you can import media files from external networks.

∎ [URL Video Play] Once you enter the URL, you can view videos from YouTube and other video sites as KM players.

∎ [Google Cloud Support] You can also import videos from Google Cloud (Google Drive). (Address book request for permission)

∎ [Chrome cast support] Easily connected to chrome cast.

∎ [Find Codec] If you do not have a codec for your phone, KM player will find it right away.

∎ [Speed Control] You can play back slowly or quickly. Playback is possible from 0.1 times slower to 4 times faster.

∎ [Section Repeat] You can play the desired part repeatedly. It helps in foreign language and exercise exercises.

∎ [Mirror mode] Directs you to look like you are looking at a mirror. It helps to learn dancing.

∎ [Music Playback] Searches and displays all MP3 music files. It supports beautiful original sound with a nice record cover.

∎ [Pop-up play] Pop-up play is a small, always-on-top floating player window. You can watch movies while browsing news or SNS.

∎ [Auto switch on the phone] When you receive a call while watching a movie, the movie automatically stops and automatically goes to the phone call status. (Phone usage request)

▶ Authority
- Storage : Permission for information and deletion of media files.
- Accounts : Permission for Google cloud playing.
- Phone : Permission to check the call status during playing video.

▶ KM Players are all of us. if you have an idea, we will focus on customer convenience. KM player Android app developer contact is '[email protected]'.

- Team KM VIDEO & MUSIC PLAYER for Android APP -
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