posidon launcher

By posidon

- Added Kustom variables support (go to Other->Kustom variables to enable)
- Improved settings a lot
- A lot of new customizations
- Added a gesture trigger to open an app
- Fixed a bunch of bugs
This is not your tipical pixel launcher. posidon launcher was built from scratch, to be a different experience. The ui was heavily inspired by One UI. Being designed from scratch allows this launcher to be easily optimized for big screens.

Minimal: There are constant improvements and optimizations in the ux, to make all of the settings as easy to understand as possible.

- Dock supports up to 7 columns and 3 rows of icons
- News & Notifications feed
- Vector and animated iconpack support
- App search
- Wallpaper gallery (all wallpapers are exclusive)
- 7 Fonts to choose from
- Blur behind app drawer
- Experimental desktop mode for Android 10
- A lot more

Different: This launcher doesn't have pages, it has a scrollable feed. It's UI was heavily inspired by One UI.

posidon launcher is a nonprofit project, so I wont always be able to fix everything by myself, if you want to help posidon launcher become better, you can contribute at github.com/leoxshn/posidonLauncher, or report bugs at t.me/posidonlauncher.

Also, it's not "poseidon", it's posidon.
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