Office 365 Admin

By Microsoft Corporation

What’s new in 3.32
• Speed and stability improvements
• Bug fixes
Previous releases
• You are now able to perform bulk actions for users and message center!
• Are you a global admin? You can now manage your organization’s contacts on the go!
• Our updated design makes it easier to see things that need your attention, find the features you need, and aligns closely with the new Office 365 admin center so you have the same admin experience no matter where you are.
Are you an Office 365 admin? Then you need the Office 365 Admin app.

Check out all the things you can do from your phone or tablet:
• Connect to the Office 365 admin center from anywhere
• Add, edit, block, and delete users
• Reset passwords
• Assign product licenses
• Turn on notifications to get service alerts and new messages
• Contact Microsoft support
• Sign in to manage multiple Office 365 organizations
• Read the latest messages from the Message center
• If you're a Microsoft Partner, manage your Office 365 customers

The Office 365 Admin app supports Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication and includes the option to set a unique application-specific PIN code.

We're listening. Tell us what you like, what we can do better, and what features you'd like to see next. Send your feedback to [email protected].

IMPORTANT: You need to be an Office 365 admin with an active Office 365 business subscription to use this app.
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