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Study Bunny: Focus Timer 15.1.6 (arm64) (Android 4.4+)

By SuperByte

Category: Productivity
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Study Bunny: Focus Timer

1. Time your studying. Hit pause when you can't stay focused for motivational advice!
2. Earn coins. Buy items or music in the store!
3. Be productive. Use tools like the To Do list, flashcards, and the customizable Study Tracker.

FAQ (Please read before contacting us)

• Does Study Bunny block other apps?

No. Study Bunny does not prevent you from using your phone because many students use their phones to supplement their studying. We follow a self-accountability model and recommend you pause your session briefly when you get distracted. We encourage you to study with your bunny.

• Is there an alarm sound?

The notification at the end of your session is based on your phone volume settings. You may receive a general phone push notification with sound/vibration depending on your settings. Our game engine currently does not allow for alarms to trigger when phone displays are off.

• What do I do if the app crashes/doesn't open?

1. If you are an existing user, wait for the next update. This often fixes the issue, unless your operating system is outdated.

2. Existing users: phone settings, applications, app manager, Google Play Services, storage, clear data & cache.
New users: phone settings, applications, app manager, Study Bunny, storage, clear data & cache

• Can the coin rate be increased?

No. Study Bunny is used by students at all levels - some study a little, some a lot. While item prices vary, most require long term work. Ways to gain extra coins: 1. Double coins after study sessions up to 10 bonus coins per day 2. Five free daily coins. 3. Use Happy Meter mode to gain extra coins when the meter is full.

• Why am I not getting coins?

Please check the following:
1. Pausing study sessions. You lose coins if you use the pause button for too long. Remember that pause is for brief emergencies. If you want a real break without penalty, use break timer mode.
2. Accidentally in break timer mode.
3. Did not study at least 5 minutes.

• Will the app be translated into my language?

We have many requests internationally to translate the app from English. Because it would be impossible for us to translate the app into hundreds of different languages, we will be transitioning to a picture-based app and will be minimizing written text as much as possible.

• Can we have more music?

Due to file size limitations, Study Bunny is not meant to replace one's primary music player. While we may add music over time, the music store will not be updated as frequently as the general item store.

• Can I save my progress and items?

Cloud save: Click the profile icon to create an account as a new user. Create your login username and password. Once logged in, you can click Cloud Save to save your progress. Click Cloud Load to load your last saved data.

• Where do I send my questions and issues?

Email [email protected]. You are free to offer suggestions, however all threatening, demanding or rude comments will be disregarded.

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Package: com.superbyte.studybunny
Version: 15.1.6 (201)
Screen Density: nodpi
CPU Architecture: arm64-v8a
Uploaded: April 20, 2020 at 6:00 am UTC
File Size: 74.60 MB (78226888 bytes)
Minimum: Android 4.4+ (KitKat - API 19)
Target: Android 9.0 (Pie - API 28)
MD5: 4cea515a520e533f5289e20789cded58
Downloads: 83
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